Wednesday, May 15, 2013

My Favorite Vs.Net Extensions

Here are some of my favorite extensions for Vs.Net 2012:
  1. nCrunch - I can no longer live without this.  I can see test coverage instantly, along with see the impact of any refactoring that occurs.
  2. Resharper - I am finding I use this less and less as Microsoft builds in their features.  It still has many uses and has saved me quite a few headaches and keystrokes.
  3. AttachTo - This is great, one keystroke or button push, and you'll attach to IIS.
  4. I Hate #Regions - From the author: "Regions suck.  You need this."
  5. Indent Guides - Great for reading those ugly deeply indented blocks of code that you are trying to make sense of.
  6. Markdown Mode - A decent markdown plugin for Vs.Net.  Not perfect, but nice in a pinch.
  7. Spell Checker - Not perfect, but great for catching embarrassing spelling mistakes.  It looks like this plugin is no longer available?  The author of this plugin pulled it?

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